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: I would say the glass is half full.
Pessimist: If you ask me, it is half empty. But who is going to pay for it?
Optimist: We could go Dutch…you pay for the half full part, I will pay for the half empty part.
Pessimist: OK. So it means only I pay for the drink?
Optimist: You get to pay for me mate … look at the bright side?
Pessimist: What bright side? The pub is dim lit … you dimwit.
Optimist: Gosh … it was just a phrase. Are you a pessimist.
Pessimist: No way. I come from a very optimistic family. One of my uncles was be-headed by the Taliban in Afghanistan … and he still believed he had a 50-50 chance. The stupid Indian Embassy people put him in a coffin … and he died of asphyxiation.
Optimist: That’s nothing. My uncle would call that pessimism. Two days before he was to be hanged for murder … he joined VLCC Fitness Center.
Pessimist: OK … I lose.
Optimist: Look at me … I even fill the Hindu crosswords in ink.
Pessimist: What? I am surprised you even fill them … I don’t event attempt them.
Optimist: You should try. Give up smoking … and spend that time looking at the crosswords.
Pessimist: I gave up hope.
Optimist: That’s not the same thing mate. By the way, yesterday I saw an advertisement for Polo – a mint with a hole.
Pessimist: Yes. I saw the advertisement too…but I could only see the hole.
Webb Ellis, lõpeta ometi - reeglite järgi nii ei tohi!Optimist: That was my point. You are a pessimist.
Pessimist: Nope. I am not.
Optimist: OK. What does a light at the end of the tunnel mean to you?
Pessimist: The headlight of a fast approaching train? Correct?
Optimist: You are a born pessimist.
Pessimist: Are you saying that my answer was wrong?
Optimist: Yes.
Pessimist: How about it being a lamppost at the end of the tunnel?
Optimist: Great. A light … that shows you the way.
Pessimist: Precisely. That is if they don’t switch it off due to budgetary constraints.
Optimist: I am dead sure … you are a pessimist.

Pessimist: OK! Fine! I give up! I am a pessimist … but for every aeroplane invented by an optimist … we have invented parachutes … and for every ship invented by an optimist … we have invented lifejackets!

Mats Soomre Meeskonnakoolitused Ja Juhtimiskoolitused

KoostööKunstiKool Belbin Eesti asutaja ja juhtivtreener, Belbini meeskonnarollide atesteeritud esindaja Eestis. Ta on 23 aastase aktiivse kogemusega treener, kes on on läbi viinud kaugelt üle tuhande treeningu ja koolituse. Kliendi sõnul "Mats ei püüa meele järele olla, vaid hoopis intrigeerib. Sunnib sind kaasa mõtlema, pingutama ja arenema, mugavustsoonist välja tulema – sest vaid nii saab oskusi arendada ja hoiakuid muuta!"

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